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Bloody Mary Mixer Cucumber Dill Bloody Mary Mixer Mulled Cider Mix
Bloody Mary Mixer
Our Price: $6.95
Mulled Cider Mix
Our Price: $7.95
Every Bloody Mary fan favors a twist to this popular morning cocktail.
We have bottled our own Stonewall Kitchen twist with a subtle kick, a good amount of lemon flavor and just the right level of zesty seasonings in our Bloody Mary Mixer,
because we believe no brunch is complete without the perfect Bloody Mary. Cheers!
Our Cucumber Dill Bloody Mary Mixer features the garden fresh flavor of just-picked cucumbers, dill, a dash of horseradish, tomato and spices.
It's nicely balanced, not too spicy and perfect for your next weekend brunch.

Simply pour over ice, add your favorite vodka, garnish with a fresh cut cucumber and enjoy!
Whether added to cider or boiled in water to add a gentle natural scent to your home, our flavorful Mulled Cider Mix warms your spirit with its sweet aromatic charm.
Apple Cranberry Mixer Apple Cider Mixer Peppadew ® Sriracha Bloody Mary Mixer
Apple Cranberry Mixer
Our Price: $7.95
Apple Cider Mixer
Our Price: $7.95
Few cocktails have enjoyed such wide appeal as that of the "Appletini." We decided to take it a step further and add delicious cranberry to create this amazing Apple Cranberry Mixer. Made with sweet apple juice, tangy cranberry and a dash of spice, it's a refreshing mix that's both sweet and tart with a crispness all its own. Simply mix it with your favorite liquor and enjoy! Cocktail lore says that the martini dates back to the turn of the 20th century and there are countless variations on how to make one. Everyone has a favorite and one made with this delicious Apple Cider Mixer is definitely one of ours. Made with real apple cider from a variety of apples grown here in the Northeast, we added a few flavorful spices and a hint of orange juice to create this tasty and refreshing mixer. Try it with your favorite gin or vodka, add a little garnish and enjoy! What's a Peppadew ® ? It's the very aromatic, slightly sweet, imported pepper that gives this Bloody Mary Mixer its uniquely delicious flavor.
Combined with spicy sriracha, horseradish, lime juice and spices, we created a zesty eye-opener that's sure to please!

Simply serve over ice, add your favorite vodka, garnish and enjoy!
Margarita Mixer Pomegranate Cosmo Mixer Spicy Margarita Drink Mixer
Margarita Mixer
Our Price: $8.95
Pomegranate Cosmo Mixer
Our Price: $8.95
Hot summer nights; lit lanterns shimmering from the porch and the promise of an enjoyable evening awaits.
Stir up some Margaritas for your guest with the help of our Stonewall Kitchen Margarita Mixer, just add the triple sec and tequila.

No matter where you serve it, our mix is tasty and refreshing, and makes the perfect Margarita every time
The purplish-red color of this cocktail is reason enough to stir one up for your pool-side guests.
Our alluring Pomegranate Cosmo Mixer contains pomegranate juice which is high in antioxidants and delicious in a pomegranate martini or Cozumel cosmo.

Refreshing and not too sweet, a wet-bar essential
Made with robust, red jalapeño peppers, a dash of hot habanero, tart lime and a few select ingredients, now you can enjoy a zesty margarita that will make you stand up and shout "Olé" Fun, tasty and unique, it's loaded with spicy character and mixes well with a variety of liquors. Bottom line - It's MUY BUENO!
Lemon Drop Mixer Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate Decadent Dutch Cocoa
Lemon Drop Mixer
Our Price: $9.95
Decadent Dutch Cocoa
Our Price: $11.95
If you like the delicious combination of sweet and sour found in that classic, lemon hard candy, you'll love this versatile drink mixer.
Plenty of bold, citrusy zest with just enough sweet to create a bright, fun and refreshing taste that mixes well with vodka or other spirits. Perfect for making Lemon Drop martinis or your own unique drink recipes.

Get ready to enjoy a luscious combination of smooth, rich chocolate and buttery caramel with just a hint of savory sea salt. Warm and inviting, this is definitely a chocolate lover's dream come true. The quality and heritage of fine, Dutch chocolate is known worldwide. Smooth, rich and thick with all of the delicious undertones that true chocolate connoisseurs enjoy can be found and savored in this premium hot chocolate mix.
Peppermint Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Our Price: $11.95
A cool whisper of peppermint mingled in deep rich cocoa adds a touch of seasonal flavor to a traditional hot chocolate favorite. Easy to make, this creamy, hot chocolate is made from only the finest ingredients. We've added soft, tiny marshmallows to our decadently rich Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Mix. Formulated with subtle coffee and cinnamon accents, it's a full flavored hot chocolate with grown-up character. It's a delicious winter warmer that everyone will love.